Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Doesn't he just exude wisdom?

I drew this portrait in high school. I decided on this subject since it is so different than what I usually draw.


Jodi said...

Hi JoLynne,
I am Crystal May Brough's mom-in-law. She posted a link to your blog from her's. Bravo!! Let me tell you, if you can push through and just keep doing what you love, you will leave the world such a better place for the beauty you are bringing in to it. I am a professional artist and it is so satisfying to see your own work improve and your career grow over the years. Keep at it!
Jodi McGregor

Jaci said...

jo- i love this piece. it is incredible. it makes me want to read a storybook about this man.
you have an amazing talent!!!

Sherrie and Travis said...

absolutely gorgeous!

I have a pic that I would like you to draw. I will get you a copy.